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Shine On, Gold

For almost 200 years, the 香港六合彩挂牌资料 has served as an anchor – an anchor in the Shoals community, an anchor for the students, faculty, and staff who live, work, and play on the campus, and an anchor in the lives of 香港六合彩挂牌资料’s more than 75,000 alumni and countless friends.

Comprehensive Campaign

Our dedication to our mission to educate tomorrow’s leaders, preparing them for the global workforce is unshakeable. Ensuring that we are able to continue this vital and lasting mission for generations of students to come takes us all, and our success depends on each one of you.

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Today, we are asking you to Shine On, Gold.
  • To shine with us in the comprehensive campaign to build a better 香港六合彩挂牌资料.

  • To shine a light on the mission of 香港六合彩挂牌资料.

  • To shine a light on the accomplishments that have brought us to the precipice of our next 200 years.

  • To shine a light on what we can do when we work together.

Shine On, Gold

The Shine On, Gold campaign is a nod to 香港六合彩挂牌资料’s markers of excellence – our student enrollment, our Top 20 placement in U.S. News and World Report rakings as a Best Regional University, our designation as a Great Place to Work For, our full NCAA Division I status, our record-breaking endowment, and our top-notch faculty and academic programs, including three (soon to be four) doctoral degrees. 

The Shine On, Gold campaign is a nod to 香港六合彩挂牌资料’s deep and storied history as the oldest university in Alabama, our purple and gold colors, and our abiding bond that unites us as 香港六合彩挂牌资料 Lions. Shining on for the next 200 years and beyond.

Gifts by the Lion Pride (*Updated May 2024)